«RaricaNow is a very caring growing family that reaches out, supports and builds their community, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed, and has access to resources and safe community space. Speaking as a Black Queer Non-binary person who has been invited by Rarica to speak about Trans and non-binary Mental health during the Trans week of remembrance That took place from 16th-20th November in Edmonton, where I was graced to be the guest of honour and we shed light and created awareness about mental health struggles with in the Black Trans Queer and Non-binary community. RaricaNow create and holds for us Queer and trans refugees to share our art, celebrate our existence and look after each other while also paying Black Trans Queer folks for their work and energy, while educating the rest of the communities about inclusivity and anti-racism/ Transphobic policies and ideologies, while holding sacred healing spaces for All LGBTQI+ Refugees. This has been remarkably supportive for the Queer Trans communities in Alberta, Canada and touched hearts in other countries across the continent especially me»
Sandrine They/Them
Resources and Community

« Coming from a Caribbean country to Edmonton was a very nerve-wracking experience. For me, RaricaNow was/is a tower of strength, a beacon of hope in the community. RaricaNow provided me with a safe space in which I could express myself and could find support. »
safe space

«My experience thus far has been good with RARICAnow. I felt a warm welcome when I joined the organization. Our leader Chris Adebayo has been of great support to me and others. The Organization continues to reinvent itself and tries to connect with the populace it serves. Our leader continues to make fearless strides in the fight for equality for all members of our community. »
Uncondital Support

« Hi, my name is Dantae Tulloch. Im a black transgender male who was diagnaosed with severe depression and anxiety about 5years ago and a few years after PTSD. Living with mental illness has made my day to day life very challenging, there has been days when i really couldn't help myself to get to my job... due to dealing with severe illnesses such as mental health; because of my illness and not being able to make it to work, i started to fall behind on paying my rent, buying food and keeping up to my bills all while taking care of myself. I lost my job and started to feel very hopeless until I was able to receive financial help through RARICANOW funding. RARICANOW provided me with funding to help with my rent so i wouldn't end up homeless and also funding for my mental health. Receiving help through raricanow provided me with more hope to live a little bit longer because i now know that there are people out there that cares for a transgender individial like myself that struggles with mental health »
Dantae Tulloch
Housing and financial Support

«But ever since I joined RARICAnow, my life and experience has been very comforting and supported, that is call this group my family. I felt home the way I was welcomed when I joined this organization. The distinctive leader Chris Adebayo is very compassionate to all the members in the group I chat with. RARICAnow continues to do such great work to connect with us all at anytime we reach out for support, especially our leader continues with his commitment and dedication to advocate for our equality in our community. - Anonymous »
Uncondital Support

«My name is Shane Singh and I am a refugee that came to Canada to seek asylum from Jamaica for fear of persecution from my home country Jamaica. I came to Canada in January 2020 where I was introduced to the Director of RaricaNow Mr. Chris Adebayo Katiti. He opened RaricaNow’s resources to me and I was housed and provided with an abundance of support from their resources (mostly financially). I was given a RaricaNow that has guided me through the process of my claim and even assisted in finding assistance in gathering evidence and supporting documents. RaricaNow was asked to relocate it’s housing after the Landlord gave short notice that he would not be renewing the Lease for personal reasons. I would like to see RaricaNow find a new area to house other refugees as if it was not for them I would have been homeless.»
Uncondital Support