We are Looking for Aleader to Join the family of Raricanow


Our Mandate:Raricanow’s goal is to co-ordinate, collaborate and build a social justice movement amongst transgender refugees; at a local, provincial, national and international level to enhance the collective capacity of advocacy for all 2SLGBTIQ+ Refugees and Newcomers rights and access to basic services. We promote equal rights, awareness, education, access to culturally relevant support services for refugees. We value equity, integrity, humanity, social justice, compassion and the overall health and wellness of the Trans community.

Raricanow is a registered not-for-profit society that helps people and supports the most marginalised community those that are always left on behind by mainstream services. We have extended our support in the past years to the Black Transgender refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp whose lives are on the line from constantly being attacked and brutalised on a daily basis. We lend our support by sending financial aid. We have seen an increase in membership from 20 to 65 members over a year. These new members are especially people from the Trans and queer Black people of colour diaspora who have joined the organization from all parts of the world. We serve members from countries where it’s illegal to express their gender identity and sexual orientation and in some of these countries its punishable by death or life imprisonment (Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Philippines, Lebanon, Russia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Brazil, and many more).

We have 2SLGBTIQ+ Refugees and newcomers in Raricanow society who have moved to Edmonton from different cities and provinces from within Canada to access our services; the support from our stakeholders, funders and community donations have helped our organization streamline the process for supporting all 2SLGBTIQ refugees while prioritizing Transgender refugees and Newcomers. The operating environment changed; Providing housing to 2SLGBTIQ+ Refugees and Newcomers, connecting refugees to the services they need. However due to impacts of COVID-19 needs and assessments the aspirations of Raricanow members may have changed among others. We are very grateful for International Trans Fund general support fund and Enchante Network capacity building micro-grant, Red Cross Emergency Support Fund with other community organization financial supports and donations from the community that has held us together, closer with maximum strength to keep advocating and creating awareness for the QTBIPOC refugee community (capacity building).

At Raricanow We are a family, and we treat each other as such. Our space is for Refugees, Newcomers and those who have peace and love to offer to build a safe community. The purpose of Raricanow is finding a communal way to support ourselves and each other.


It takes a community with a compassionate and loving kind of leader to work with Raricanow Society. We look for people who have a passion for engaging with Refugees and Newcomers from different diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs. People who have a real commitment to treating every human being with the respect, love and dignity they deserve. People who will put humanity first before their internalized biases, ego and comfort. People with the lived experiences of being or working with 2SLGBTIQ+ Newcomers and Refugees, and the kindness to assist refugees in building a new life in Canada with Raricanow mentorship supports to live the lives they envision for themselves and find safety and a community of belonging. If making a difference in people’s lives is one of the things that make you tick, then you are the right fit for us.

Leadership, General overview
  1. Responsible and Accountable to taking RADICAL Rari-Care of yourself and loving yourself will be the greatest gift to our society and as your number one role and responsibility. We are not ashamed of what happened to us, we are not ashamed of how someone else sees us.
  2. Responsible for the safety of Raricanow members' stories, histories and Spiritual practices which must be treated as sacred. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. RaricaNow members have experienced trauma and the mishandling of our stories and they must be engaged within extremely delicate ways. No one is pressured to disclose anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  3. Responsible for the management, development, implementation, and evaluation of Operational processes, procedures and improvement ways to meet Strategic Initiatives.
  4. Maintain collaboration with local, national and international partners while developing new ones.
  5. Work in collaboration with the Raricanow Advisory team to seek advice and guidance as you see fit, work with the Executive board to monitor Operational Performance to meet the society’s objectives and goals.
  6. Liaise between Raricanow Society, the 2SLGBTIQ Community, QTBIPOC grassroot groups, Newcomers Groups, the general public and other immigration organisations.
  7. You are the face of the Raricanow society. It is in your mandate to act as a spokesperson of the Society
  8. Prepare and write support documents/letters to 2SLGBTIQ+ Refugees in preparation of their Refugee court hearings and appeals.
  9. Ensures that all appropriate contacts, including areas in health care professionals, Volunteers, funders, Lawyers are established and maintained.
  10. Ensures a good working and collaborative relationship, compassionate and coordinative arrangements within the community, stakeholders and donors
  11. Represent the Raricanow Society at community activities to develop the organization's community profile and stand up against prejudice, racism and any form of injustice.
  12. Together with the Board members and the advisory team of volunteers mobilize and develop a vision and strategic plan to guide the society
Management and Planning
  1. Develop a system that will streamline the refugee service provision and assess the needs of our members with the capacity of the Society
  2. Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization's programs, special projects, and services
  3. Mentor the relationships in managing the day-to-day operation with in the Raricanow Society
  4. Develop, redefine and implement the organizational guiding principles; write reports and suggest/recommend changes to the Board as appropriate
  5. Oversee the planning of advocacy campaigns for the organisation and for members faces by deportation due to unfair ruling in their refugee claimant process
  6. Manage and Coordinate the smooth running of Raricanow branch in Refugee Kakuma camp
  7. Always prioritize the needs of Black Transgender community at the center as this space was founded and established by an African Transgender refugee.
Human Resources Management
  1. Ensure that ideas, ways of thinking and learning is valued and right to intellectual property is upheld and protected.
  2. Ensure that Raricanow employment practices are culturally rooted, equitable, accessible and progressive and ensure that mental health supports are in place for all employee and volunteers
  3. Oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures, and practices including the development of job descriptions for all staff and determine staffing needs.
  4. Establish a compassionate, Resilient, positive and safe work environment in accordance with Raricanow guidelines and all appropriate legislation and regulations
  5. Recruit, interview, and select staff that have the passion and love for others with lived experiences and personal abilities to help further the society's mandate
  6. Ensure that Stonewall Black Trans Lives Matter as a community space has all the support to sustain itself
  7. Monitor and Mentor the performances of all staff on an ongoing basis build a family oriented environment and ensure that all Raricanow staff receive appropriate Cultural sensitivity training
  8. Financial planning and management
    1. Determine the urgency cases of refugees and newcomers that need financial assistance and legal supports
    2. Work hand in hand with the bookkeeper and the Board to establish a Finance team to prepare a comprehensive budget and administer the budget
    3. Work with the Board to secure adequate funding for the Stonewall Black Trans Lives Matter Movement and the overall operation of the Society
    4. Develop fundraising strategies,research for funding streams, make plans and proposals to source for funding for the Society
    5. Participate in fundraising activities, monitor the raricanow go fund me page as see fit and give gratitude to the donors
    Qualifications / Experience and education
    1. We are giving priority to QTBIPOC Community members with the passion and love for the community
    2. Experience working with 2SLGBTIQ + refugees and newcomer community is an asset
    3. We are spiritually open to candidates with a relevant undergraduate degree and a minimum 1 years of relevant experience in a leadership position, and to those who believe in equal rights and freedom of others
    4. We are looking for a person with compassion for others someone who puts humanity first before their internalised bias and ego, comfort and strong connection to the community we serve, preferably with lived experience
    5. The candidate should have knowledge of issues faced by Black Transgender Community, Knowledge about Refugee Claims, sexual and gender minority and history of stonewall
    6. The candidate should have patience for others, considerate with strong verbal and written communication and administrative skills
    7. Experience working in the QTBIPOC Community is an asset
    8. The candidate should be a good listener, passionate to the wellbeing of Newcomers and Refugees with unique organisational capabilities and strategic planning skills.
    9. Bilingual candidate is considered as an asset to this job
    10. 1. Skilled personnel in software applications such as word, excel, google drive business and PowerPoint, or related programs.

    Criminal Record Check is required however incase of any challenges we know it might be hard to navigate these systems of oppression that's why we will highly consider community support reference letters.

    Everybody is encouraged to apply!
    Application process;

    Kindly Send your cover letter and résumé or A job Letter of intent with the subject line: Application for PRESIDENT RARICANOW to raricanow@gmail.com, by March 25, 2021. The position will remain open until the candidate is found.


    Indigenous Sovereignty Across Borders: We recognize that we organize and gather in solidarity and rage with the Indigenous peoples of Treaty 6; the Nehiyaw, the Dene, the Nakota Sioux, the Blackfoot, the Saulteaux and Papaschase people. We understand it is our responsibility to honour the teachings of this Land, as well as bring our own Indigenous knowledge and identities from across the globe. We recognize Indigenous sovereignty is key to the liberation of all Land and People and understand the colonial consequence of displacement that has brought many of us here. We understand the relationship we have to this Land and its People is nuanced and complex but overall is one of gratitude, peace and forward moving community.

App and Newsletter Developer

We would love you to join our team. Please send your CV a Cover letter on our Email

Email: raricanow@gmail.com

Community Coodinator and Mental health worker

Feel free to apply to either of the openings that suites with in your carrier path.

We would love you to join our team. Please send your CV a Cover letter on our Email

Email: raricanow@gmail.com