Executive Director (Adebayo Katiti)

Hey I’m Adebayo Katiiti ,(Ads, Adebs, Ade, Addy, Bayo), and I am a transgender athlete who came to Edmonton from Uganda for the ILGA swimming competition that took place in August 2016. I was not able to go back home because of fear of being persecuted by the police and after my family disowned me because of being gay . I then applied for refugee status in Canada so I can save my life and I’m currently a permanent Residence in Canada now

I have a Degree in Sports Science from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. I am also a certified physical fitness trainer and Dance instructor from Uganda,

I identify as a trans queer dude. My pronouns are He/Him or They/Them , and I believe that the supports and gaps that I saw in the system could be addressed so that other refugees don’t have to go through those stressors , Activism is part of me and being able to address matters and concerns of LGBTIQ+ have helped realize that change is possible and in addition it have help me heal my trauma and mental health experiences.

I believe that every human being young and old , citizens or refugees is an inspiration to those who want solutions to any mental, physical, social or emotional problems, you can get a lot by listening to what they say and sharing intimate feelings.

When I am not advocating for rights of LGBTIQ+ Newcomers and Transgender Refugees here in Edmonton, I’m doing personal training with queerflex the first and only nonprofit LGBTIQ gym in Canada and working as an amenity attendant for the city of Edmonton pools and a slide patrol at the World Waterpark.

You can also find me making art and writing music that has a powerful influence on my life and others and hanging out with friends and Choosen family. I know now that family is not supposed to be blood as I have build a stronger choosen family who love more than I have ever been loved by my blood family that kicked me out

I am very grateful to having had chances to address matter that are happening in my community in immigration conferences , health professionals, Refugees, and the community at large And as long as I have this opportunity I will keep pushing for change and equality .

I love to eat donuts, poutine, mac and cheese, ice cream and beer. Poutine and mac and cheese are my favourite Canadian food! I also love dancing, swimming, and playing soccer. I am super excited to be a founder of an organization whose passion is to create a safe space, health for the transgender community, community building for the LGBTQIA2S+ Newcomers and refugee community in the world