RARICAnow Events

We engage in events geared at enhancing possibilities to coordinate, collaborate and build a social justice movement to leverage Transgender refuge’s agency and autonomy at a local, provincial, national and international level; to enhance the collective capacity to advocate for all LGBTIQ+ refugees and Persons of Colour rights and access basic services. We promote equal rights ,awareness , education, advocacy and access to culturally relevant support and services for transgender refugees. Through these events, we operationalize values such as: equity, integrity,dignity, promote social justice for all and most especially for the Trans community

Past Events

Along Road To Peace (Film /Documentary

It’s a documentary which highlights the stories of Raricanow members. The event had over 500 people in attendance. In the campaign of creating awareness of the struggles of the LGBTIQ+ Asylum seekers in Canada. More

50TH Anniversary of Stonewall- June 2019

Following the cancellation of the Edmonton pride festival, Raricanow partnered with a local QITBPOC group (SOC) together with the community members to commorancy the stonewall, the event included a vigil and awareness march,...More

Edmonton Stonewall Black Trans Lives Matter

On Sunday, June 28th, Edmontonian took up the street amidst the BILL 1: Bill 1, the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, 2nd Sess, 30th Leg, Alberta, 2020. Criminalizing Protests and Encroaching on Aboriginal and Treaty Rights to Match and Rally on streets with .... More

Stonewall Black Trans Lives Matter Calgary Edition

On Saturday, August 29th, Black trans live matter stonewall was joined by the Black lives matter movement and idle no more in Calgary to host a stonewall rally, Defund the police and allocate funds to the community, despite Calgary history of being a white supremacist and Nazis Hate group city.More

Transgender Day of Remembrance:

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is held each year on November 20 to memorialize and honour the many trans lives lost during the past year due to gender-based violence. Our event this year was to bring attention to Trans Day of Remembrance to the wider student body at the universities and LGBTIQ+ ... More