Adebayo Chris

Board Member


My Name is Adebayo Chris am a black transgender man athlete and Refugee who have recently just got his gender affirming chest reconstruction Surgery living on Amiskwaciwaskahikan Treaty6/Metis Territory, where Cree, Blackfoot, Saulteaux,Nakota sioux , Dene and the Metis people have Inhabited and lived for time immemorial. 

I came to Edmonton from Uganda for the ILGA swimming competition that took place in August 2016. Following the traumatizing events in 2016 after the uganda police raided the gay pride and i was among the activists who were arrested, highly beaten and undressed by police to check if I was a man or a woman. In Uganda it’s illegal to be gay and worse for transgender persons the penalty is life imprisonments or death sentence. 

 I was not able to go back home because of fear of being persecuted by the police and after my family disowned me because of my sexuality and gender identity. I applied for refugee status in Canada as the only option l had to save my own life and Currently a permanent Residence.

 Following the challenges I encountered why applying for refugees status as a black Transgender refugee which included but not limited to white saviorism and the rampant racism within the 2SLGBTQ+ community as they are outside of the reality and the transphobia with in the black communities. I Founder RARICAnow,(Rights for all LGBTIQ+ Refugees in Canada now society, a registered not for profit organisation with the aim of Promoting Human Rights for all LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers in Canada while aiming to center the needs of transgender refugees. The organization leverages service provision to address the refugee needs and continue promoting conversations in the same area of focus, sharing triumphs and focusing on being part of institutions rectifying their struggles through political, social, economic, and cultural means. The work contributes to those who are often ignored or neglected by mainstream services and provide culturally relevant support and advocacy space for those ‘on the margins’.


« I hope there’s more visibility and I hope that there is more of an understanding.»

Rhiannon Levesque