Raricanow is a non-profit organization (NGO) registered in Canada. Our aim includes promoting human rights for all LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers, leverage service provision to address needs and continue promoting conversations, sharing triumphs and focusing on being part of institutions rectifying struggles through political, social, economic and cultural means.

Initiated in 2017, we are so glad the support you give us has propelled us forward as we move to achieve our mission. We are here to address the pending issues about the queer community, formulate ways to influence policy so that one day all will be well. We believe in such a time when all will be preaching to the world that every single life matter regardless of the differences in origins, race, face, hair, the shade of skin, language, skills and who their next-door community member is.


1.Assurance: We are established to promote dignity for all persons.

2. Leadership: We are a support space for those who want to be involved in promoting dignity for all.

3. Partnerships: provide leads to services that promote a quality life such as; education, courteous service providers, community agencies and community members willing to support an improved life for all.

4. Asylum Process: Come talk to us about asylum issues. Let us begin the conversation and after the point you in the right direction. We connect individuals to services they need and assist them to navigate the asylum process.

5. Livelihood: We Provide opportunities for growth in refugee entrepreneurship by connecting RaricaNow! members with the broader 2SLGBTIQ+ Community.

6. Movement Building: We network with other refugees both locally and internationally to build a collective and critical mass of right thinking, focused and unified people contributing to their communities and world at large.

Your donations go toward facilitating immigrants in thriving and seeking quality life-promoting practices and services in Canada. We are grateful, you support our organization in contributing to making dignity possible for all. The whole person matters.

Please click this link to make donations:https://www.gofundme.com/f/raricanow-lgbtiq-refugees-amp-newcomers-community?pc=ot_vs_campaignplus_r&rcid=r01-156000435408-f40582bc9da64814Your

Your kind donation will enable us to coordinate, collaborate and build a social justice movement to leverage Transgender refuge’s agency and autonomy at a local, provincial, national and international level; to enhance the collective capacity to advocate for all LGBTIQ+ refugees and Persons of Colour rights and access basic services. We promote equal rights, awareness, education, advocacy and access to culturally relevant support and services for transgender refugees. We value equity, integrity, humanity, social justice for all and most especially for the Trans community.