Raricanow is a non-profit organization that Promotes Human Rights for all LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers in Canada, and raises awareness about current gaps in service and struggles for this unique population, teach newcomers about the canadian culture. Email:raricanow@gmail.com Website: www.raricanow.org


June 20th every year the world celebrates the world refugee day in honour of the lives of those that have been misplaced , families ,friends and  honoring the courage, strength and determination of all people and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence.

Raricanow has worked hand in hand with efforts of volunteers to raise awareness of the existence of LGBTIQ Refugees in Canada , On this day we celebrate every LGBTIQ refugee ,we honour the lives of those we have lost in the struggle and we celebrate the survivors as eyes of our community get opened up to  see the struggles of this unique population and work together in a collective capacity side by side to support the survivors

LGBTQI refugees are a small subset of a massive worldwide refugee population and as such we often go unnoticed. Our struggles and cries of protest at the regular violation of our rights frequently remain unheard and unseen by the wider community , we luck representatives in our community agencies , government bodies and the community at large

On may 2017  Adebayo Katiiti  together with Alberta’s local firm maker Katie Cutting of Lazy kitten production and APIRG created a documentary “A long Road to Peace “ where half adozen of LGBTIQ+ refugees who have found home in canada shared their stories and experiences to create awareness, As we continue to encourage those who have compassion for human rights , transgender rights and for all lgbtiq refugees around canada to continue watching this documentary and be walking advocates for Rarica now

AS Raricanow we are blessed to have support from our local community in edmonton , individuals and agencies who have supported our work and most importantly the past campaigns where our members were facing deportation amongst them one was successful but unfortunately one  wasn’t a success , this bought tension to Raricanow members and the community , we continue to support our members with our services and as well ask for support with in our community

We believe our existance is hope to those other lgbtiq refugee who are still struggling in refugee camps , struggles with Significant financial and legal costs and trouble understanding legal jargon while facing barriers to employment, To those who’s are Not connected to the community, feeling isolated and alienated , and to all LGBTQ+ efugees who face discrimination and hate crimes from country of origin where our rights are threatened and our lives are in danger , we stand together in solidality

The unique challenges faced by transgender refugees should be acknowledged. I believe Specialized trauma-informed and culturally sensitive services are essential to create a more equitable world for RaricaNow members.  Without these considerations,refugees are at risk of being re-traumatized continually while accessing ‘wellness’ services.

RaricaNow exists to give hope to every LGBTIQ refugee in the world and to help us keep doing the amazing work , we ask for your LOVE , your acknowledgement and your support .

In solidarity,

Love & Peace

Adebayo Chris Katiiti

Executive Director & Founder


We invite you all to attend World Refugee Day .This a Public event Organized by EMCN:Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers , Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Islamic Family & Social Services Association and the City of Edmonton @ Edmonton City Hall


We also take this opportunity to invite you all out on June 28th at the Edmonton Stonewall 50th Anniversary Rally & March in remembering the history of pride and  honouring our elders who paved the way while advocating for change in our community -The march will take place at the Legislature and it will be lead by sex workers, LGBTQ2S refugees/newcomers, homeless LGBTQ2S+ youth, disabled community members, and QTIBPOC community members. Bellow is the link to the facebook event for more information.


Attached  the guidelines of RaricaNow for your pursue.

RARICANOW Guidelines

  1. Our Mandate: Raricanow’s goal is to coordinate collaboration and build a social justice movement amongst transgender refugees; at a local, provincial ,national and international level to enhance the collective capacity of advocacy for refugee rights and access to basic services. We promote equal rights, awareness , education, access to to culturally relevant support services for transgender refugees We value equity, integrity, humanity, social justice and the overall health and wellness of the Trans community.
  2. At the Centre: This space was founded and established by an African transgender refugee and we ask that the needs of all transgender refugees and newcomers be made priority.
  3. Indigenous Sovereignty Across Borders: We recognize that we organize and gather in solidarity and rage with the Indigenous peoples of Treaty 6; the Nehiyaw, the Dene, the Nakota Sioux, the Blackfoot, the Saulteaux and Papaschase people. We understand it is our responsibility to honour the teachings of this Land, as well as bring our own Indigenous knowledge and identities in from across the globe. We recognize Indigenous sovereignty is key to the liberation of all Land and People and understand the colonial consequence of displacement that has brought many of us here. We understand the relationship we have to this Land and its People is nuanced and complex but overall is one of gratitude, peace and forward moving community.
  4. Togetherness: We are a family and we treat each other as such. Our space is for Refugees and those who have peace and love to offer to build a safe community. The purpose of Raricanow is finding a communal way to support ourselves and each other.
  5. Consent (Mind/Body/Spirit):
    Mind: All thoughts, ideas, ways of thinking and learning must be valued. The right to intellectual property is upheld and protected.
    -Body: All bodies, ways of moving and capacity must be respected. Always ask before engaging in physical contact unless otherwise stated and honor peoples boundaries.
    -Spirit: All stories, histories and Spiritual practices must be treated as sacred. RaricaNow members have experienced trauma and the mishandling of our stories and they must be engaged with in highly delicate ways. No one is pressured to disclose anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  6. Welcome the Spectrum: All LGBTQIA2+ newcomers are welcome, no matter where you are on the spectrum- including if you are still questioning.  We know in the countries we come from it’s hard to navigate resources and educate ourselves about the spectrum and our identities. We recognize these terms might be new and confusing but we are here to support your journey no matter where on the spectrum you land, or don’t.

  7. Pronouns: Rarica members are asked to respect these fluid relationships to identity and language by using the correct pronouns when addressing each other, even as/if those pronouns change.
  8. White Allies/Accomplices/Comrades: It is your job to be mindful of how your presence and privilege within Rarica spaces affects all members. While you have the right to feel safe, the reality of power dynamics are always present and it is your job to be aware and move accordingly. It must be understood that there is always an unbalanced exchange of labour when navigating the world as racialized people, and it is expected that white allies/accomplices/comrades work to alleviate this (emotionally, financially, physically, socially, etc.)
  9. Accountability: As members, we are accountable to each other and the safety of the space we uphold. When someone is harmed, we recognize there is a individual and communal accountability to remedying that harm at all times. We must be willing to put the respect for each others humanity before our ego, internalized bias or comfort and take responsibility for apologies and steps moving forward.
  10. Education: Rarica is not LGBTQIA2+ University. Although we have our experiences and individual knowledge, we can not be expected to teach each other all there is about the queer experience. It is our duty to seek out the knowledge that will equip us with what we need to care and advocate for our community and call out the gaps of information when we see fit. We are all learning together and at our own pace but we understand Rarica isn’t the sole space for this growth.