Raricanow Response to the police Apology

Rarica Now Organization for all Lgbtiq+ refugees in canada
May 3 at 3:08 PM ·
RARICANow’s statement in response to Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee’s apology to the LGBTIQ+ Community.
As per our conversation in regards to the Police chief Dale McFee’s apology, RaricaNow accepts this apology presented by the chief on May 3rd 2019 .
This is the first step to our reconciliation given the impact police has done to harm the QTBIPOC+ and LGBTIQ+ refugee community.
We would like to emphasize that this apology does not dismiss the issues that need to be addressed by EPS. Urgent actions are needed to alleviate the harm and stressors in our community. The more time EPS takes to achieve such actions, more harm is done to our vulnerable community.
We desire to move forward and create change by creating dialogue with EPS to establish a relationship aimed to create understanding between our community and the Police. Our executive director, Adebayo Katiiti has clearly acted upon this through various meetings with EPS and hate crimes unit to advocate for LGBTIQ+ refugees. Adebayo Katiiti along with other members will continue to be present in ongoing meetings with EPS to advocate and address challenges faced by our community.
RaricaNow members desire peace. Our members wish to be advocated for by government institutions, explicitly showing our community respect and dignity.
In order to translate this ambition into action, we would like to facilitate paid workshops for the purpose of educating law enforcement in creating such understanding. As the RaricaNow mission states: “To coordinate collaboration and building a social justice movement amongst LGBTIQ refugees and the community to enhance the collective capacity to advocate for Refugees rights and access basic services “
Lastly, we would like EPS to fund healing spaces that aim to remedy and reduce the harm caused by the Edmonton Police Service to the QTBIPOC+ and LGBTIQ+ refugee communities. This is imperative in alleviating the harm done to our people, and show our community that not only is EPS willing to be educated in creating positive relationships with the community, but also acknowledge the amends they need to make to truly put forth efforts to heal and reduce the harm they have already caused.
Attached to this statement* is an article written by The Star regarding Police Chief Dale McFee’s formal apology to the community. This apology is a step forward in repairing the relationship between our community and EPS. However, this apology is only a false promise if the EPS does not walk their talk.
We look forward to collaborating with EPS regarding these activities and other potential actions to further achieve the desired outcomes of RaricaNow.
Let us move forward. Let us make history.

With hope,



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