Raricanow Response to the police Apology

Rarica Now Organization for all Lgbtiq+ refugees in canada May 3 at 3:08 PM · RARICANow's statement in response to Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee's apology to the LGBTIQ+ Community. As per our conversation in regards to the Police chief Dale McFee’s apology, RaricaNow accepts this apology presented by the chief on May 3rd 2019 . This is the first step to our reconciliation given the impact police has done to harm the QTBIPOC+ and LGBTIQ+ refugee community. We would like to emphasize that this apology does not dismiss the issues that need to be addressed by EPS. Urgent actions are needed to alleviate the harm and stressors in our community. The more time EPS takes to achieve such actions, more harm is done to our vulnerable community. We desire…
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