Stop the deportation of our members

CALL TO ACTION from RARICAnow! and allies TAKE ACTION & SHARE IMMEDIATELY - THERE ARE 7 WAYS YOU CAN HELP Dear community members and allies - our friend Geofrey Wamagale (he/she) is scheduled for deportation from Edmonton to Uganda on April 30, 2019. If he arrives in Uganda, he will be either killed or held in life imprisonment due to his sexual orientation and queer identity. We will not let this happen. Geofrey has not yet had an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) hearing with adequate translation and legal representation. He is currently suffering from acute PTSD and anxiety. On April 15th, Geofrey’s lawyer submitted a request to the IRB to postpone his deportation so that Geofrey can receive the necessary mental health supports that are unavailable for him in…
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