Transgender day of visibility &Water park Day

RaricaNow and Shades Of color Bring to you afamily picnic at the water park. This will comes with a lot of fun activity and community boarding games. You can’t afford to miss sign up with

International Transgender day of visibility March 31st

It takes a lot of courage to grow up in a transphobic,homophobic world and become who you really are today , your loved , your strong, your voice matter and our stories are visible.

VIVA -to my transome brothers and sisters (viva)
VIVA -to transgender activists (viva)
VIVA – to my life (viva)
VIVA-to our visibility day (viva)
VIVA-to our transgender youth (viva)
Viva-to transgender Community (viva)
VIVA-to transgender Allies (viva)

Takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Happy transgender day of remembrance

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