In Memory of David Kisuule Kato

Every year on 26th January, Uganda’s LGBTI community observes the memory of David Kisuule Kato, a gay rights activist who was brutally murdered at his home in Mukono on this exact date 8 years ago.

Born in February 1964, David who was a teacher by profession was the first gay man to openly campaign for rights of LGBTI persons in Uganda.

The outspoken Human Rights Activist was the Advocacy officer of Sexual Minorities Uganda, a network of LGBT organizations in Uganda.

He was among the 100 people whose names and photos, accompanied with addresses were published in an article headlined “HANG THEM” in the Rolling Stone newspaper (October 2010) which called for the execution of homosexuals in the country a few months before his death.

David Kato is recognized as one of the pillars and Father of Uganda’s LGBTI movement. The passion and dedication towards his work in advocating for rights of our gay community will always be held in utmost regard and the reason why his memory still lives on. 
Continue to rest in power, David Kisuule Kato.
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