Rarica Entrepreneurship with community


Art has been a strong weapon for me and Raricanow to survive some days , it has given us hope and a chance to live again 😒
My WAIT project is a reminder for all going through hardship in life
WAIT alittle bit longer before you do decide not to want to live in this fucked up world 🌎 please WAIT
Your not alone
Let’s put our emotions out ,we will get atleast get 2/10 to listen to us
We are not alone
WAIT …….,,WAIT…..,,WAIT……….

Please support WAIT project as you may wish , WAIT art work is on the market now , you can just place your order
It has taken  24years to decide to share my art with the rest of the world 🌎
I am very close with my art and i speak different languages with my art ,Wait is  a form of RESISTANCE,  spiritually connecting , i  have been damaged with art , I have grown with it ,learnt to communicate with it
I have cried with art , and most importantly I HAVE HEALED WITH MY ART ,💗 I’m sharing it out to you so that you can also hold on to it ,stand up with it and please embrace it
We can WAIT for alittle abit longer
It’s okay to WAIT


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